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Fantastic fall flowers for the autumn gardening

There are plants that you can put in your autumn garden. The large selection of colorful flowers will make your garden shine and bring life and color. All you have to do is plant the perfect flowers that you can plant in your autumn garden. Below you will find some of the favorites of the best fall flowers in an autumn garden.

Michaelmas Daisies

When Michaelmas daisies start to bloom, it tells people that the autumn is coming. The name matches the flower, as it got its name from the Michaelmas or Mass of St. Michael, who celebrates on September 29th. It is a kind of aster, also known as the New York Aster. Michaelmas daisies are combinations of blue and purple, but this beautiful fall flower also comes with white, mauve, rose and lavender. The typical blue and violet are exceptionally beautiful during the deep autumn sun. If you want this purple-blue flower to cover your floor, it is best not to cut it until spring or fall.


Lovers of blue flowers will surely appreciate this type of plant, the Caryopteris, commonly referred to as the Blue Mist Shrub or Bluebeard. This perennial has aromatic leaves and blue flowers. It can be a perfect garden flower as it does not require much care. Their feathery flowers get grouped in the upper part of the foliage. The Bluebeard must get exposed to the sun in half shade.


The Chelone, also known as turtlehead, is a perennial flower that has a white, purple or pink flower. His nickname invents for its flower, which resembles a turtle's head. The weather-resistant flower blooms from the short end tip, which grows densely on its rounded stems. This autumn flower blooms perfectly in the fall and hates an extremely dry environment. It means that this sturdy two-piece flower can stand the marshy areas. It is perfect for wet and damp soils. It is also perfect for those who live on the water.

If you want to have the autumn garden now, you should have the flowers on the list. You can also create a colorful and beautiful garden in the autumn season if you can choose the right flowers. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful autumn flowers in your autumn garden by visiting Apple Tree flowers.

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